Supayalat, Queen

Supayalat, Queen
   A secondary queen of King Thibaw (r. 1878-1885) who quickly gained control over the last monarch of the Konbaung Dynasty with the backing of a court faction and played a major role in the fatal decision of Thibaw's government to take a hard line against the British. Ferociously jealous of her weak husband, greedy, and cruel (though contemporary sources may exaggerate), she was exiled with him to Ratnagiri, in India, following the Third Anglo-Burmese War. In the closing years of her life, she was allowed to return to Rangoon (Yangon), where she lived in near penury, largely ignored by a new generation of Burmese patriots. F. Tennyson Jesse provides a vivid picture of her in The Lacquer Lady.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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